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“Crack” Cookies for a Drug Free School Zone

April 17, 2012

In college, about once a month the mother of one of my many (seven) roommates would send us chocolate chip cookies.

These cookies were known in our house as “crack” cookies. This could be for a variety of reasons. Though popular knowledge has informed me that crack is, in fact, whack (too soon?), these cookies were anything but.  They were made with shortening and chocolate chunks and Ohio-love. They were so addictive you couldn’t have just one.  I could eat a  tupperware-ful in less time than should be gastronomically possible.  Occasionally, on a crack cookie sugar rush,  I am fairly confident that I would have sold textbooks, furniture and other similarly non-essential items in order to obtain more. I’m not really joking…

And so, in what is a perfect show of my competitive nature and my desire to slowly destroy my body through gluttony, I vowed to one day make my own (drug-free) crack cookies.

And this weekend, I did.

On Saturday at a gathering to celebrate my roommate’s engagement (SHOUT OUT!), I brought these cookies because what’s a party without more chocolate?  After a little while, a friend walked up to me,  powdered sugar on her face and cookie in hand.  She looked at me, took a bite, and asked, with refreshing nonchalance, if I had laced the cookies.

That, my friends, is SUCCESS. (Though perhaps I should reevaluate my definition if it involves my friends asking if I have drugged them…)

One of the secrets of these cookies (and perhaps a source of their addictiveness) is their espresso powder.  That gives the cookies this dark chocolate depth.  The coffee flavor isn’t overwhelming so don’t be put off. It really just makes it a bit darker and richer.

I normally hate cookies that are this flat and thin.  But these stayed moist and delicious. It was like a visual trick every time I ate them.

So bake these up. Soon.

But be prepared for the consequences.  (I would make a Whitney Houston joke, but I am not quite that heartless.  Yet.)

I didn’t even adapt it, so I will just send you right to the recipe: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (from King Arthur Flour)

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  1. Barrett Aldemeyer permalink
    April 17, 2012 8:55 pm

    My daughter, the gastronome! Never would have guessed it from those grade school sugar cookies, but I became a total convert last Thanksgiving. love, Dad

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