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Ritmo e Rio

March 11, 2012

I feel bad for Brazil right now.  I know that grammar is questionable, but the emotion is not. Brazil has spent the last two days trying to convince my that I have rhythm. It has pulled me on my feet, spun me around, and I have continued spinning at least two beats too long.  It has told me to clap once, and I have slapped three times.  But the beauty of Brazil is, that it will still smile after the third time I have stepped on its toe and offer me a pilsner.  (All beer here comes in enormous bottles you have to share. Even its serving sizes encourage you to make friends…)

Here we are at Meninos do Morumbi, a program in Sao Paulo that takes children from the streets and teaches them to sing, dance, and play so that they have something more than like in the favela to look forward to.

Did I mention being pulled onto my feet?  This is not me, but it could have been… (Here’s a link if you want a taste:

So ritmo and I were introduced. But then we got to Rio. And were swept about the city’s sights by some of the loveliest locals I have ever met…

They fed us cheese on fire…

And took us to a square where the neighborhood gets together to play samba music, dance, and relax every Saturday night.

See that cord stretching from the stage?  It connects to two car batteries which power the sound for the show. They explained that this way they didn’t have to get a permit, they just had to bribe the police… Oh, Brasil.

These are my two favorite men in the world. They played all night, only stopping to pour cachaca for themselves or their friends.

One of the dancers for the evening was 65 in bright pink leggings and a tank top. And she could shake it.

This is my look of admiration.  A member of the band gave us a “huevo,” an Easter egg filled with beads,  for us to shake. He then tried to teach us how to shake it in beat. After five minutes he smiled and went to get a beer.  I shook it anyway.  When in Rio…

Coming soon, more of this:

But closer…

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  1. EAK permalink
    March 13, 2012 2:37 pm

    Your pictures seem to be lacking a certain famous ginger. Fail.

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