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Dear Pasta, I own you. Love, Blueberry

February 4, 2012
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I made pasta. From scratch. Are you reading that world? I MADE PASTA FROM SCRATCH.

And it was awesome.

Ingredients for a good pasta night:

1. A friend who can help you knead
2. A friend who can help you roll
3. A friend who can refill your wine

I have all of these things.  I am very lucky at times.

Now, other things you need: triceps of steal, a couple of hours, and strong desire to conquer.

So you start.  You get to throw flour RIGHT ON THE COUNTER.  This is one of my favorite parts. Somewhere my mother is shaking her head and walking away from the kitchen.

Then you make it into a bowl.

Why a bowl? So it can hold eggs!

Then you mix the flour in. You want to do this so that the egg doesn’t go all over the counter.  Unless you want egg all over the counter. (Which of course I do.)  My roommate is less demolition inclined; look at how controlled it is.

Then you make the dough into a ball. Keep incorporating the flour.

Then knead it. Forever.  We did shifts.  This is not my shift. You know how I know?  Look at that manicure.  Any nails that aspire to beauty are clearly not my own…

Then you cover it up and let it sit and hang out for a while. Like a half hour.

Then comes the rolling.

Your arms will kill. They will yell things at you, like “why did you stop going to PumpIt classes?”  and “This is why I waggle when you wave.”  What to do at this juncture?  Well, remember the desire to conquer I mentioned?  Channel it now.

And look here!  VICTORY.

Then you use a pizza cutter to slice it up.  I prefer artisanal noodles.  By this I mean, interpretively straight and noodle like.

Next time I’m doing zig zag noodles. It’ll be like a bowl of lightning bolts…. yum…

Then you grab that handy friend with the wine and give her a new job.  Modeling your noodles.

(You are really doing this so that the noodles have a place to dry. But hey, she’s working it.)

Then, you boil ’em up.  This is super fast.  Five or so minutes.

Then you throw together a sauce.  Ours had chorizo and tomatoes and roasted red peppers.

Drain it.

Mix it.

Eat it.

Recipe (and guidance) from a dear friend (who I do not know): Joy the Baker


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